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Exploring world class, district scale properties in British Columbia

Kingfisher Metals is a forward-thinking exploration company focused on efficiently and systematically exploring our district scale Gold and Copper properties.

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With exposure to high grade gold and copper, Kingfisher is well positioned for growth during this next upcycle in commodities.

With the global transition to renewable energy sources, the importance of “Green Minerals” such as copper is ever increasing. Copper is used extensively in renewable energy systems to generate power from solar, hydro, thermal and wind energy.

As a global store of value, gold can provide insurance during times of geopolitical and economic uncertainty.

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Seashore signs LOI to acquire Kingfisher Resources Ltd.

Seashore Resources Partners Corp. has entered into an arm’s-length binding letter of intent dated July 16, 2020, with Kingfisher Resources Ltd. (KFR) whereby Seashore will acquire